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Full Version: Few small weather monitor suggestions
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Here are a few suggestions I have. Not terribly important but would be nice:

1. The ability to show when weather alerts/warnings are issued. Maybe something like changing the background color to red.

2. Display the temperature colored depending on temperature .. purple=very cold to red=very hot. Would add a little color to my taskbar. Smile

Thanks again for all your hard work!
Hello BlueHeaven

First - your idea to display the temp in colors relative to the cold or heat is excellent. It might be just a little hard to do but not impossible. The website of course does not have the information to parse the colors but the TLB programming may be able to do it. If possible Yuri can do it if he has time.

Secondly - you may be better off if you obtain a couple of icons like these below which appear in our wm plugin if there needs to be a warning. These are generated by the weather site itself in place of other icons like sunny or mostly cloudy.

If you would like some icons for your icon file please see this page.
When we see either of these we click on the icon and the whole page opens with the complete information.

Best wishes
Quote:If you would like some icons for your icon file please see this page.

Wow, great link QSection! Tons of cool weather icons here!
Hello shapeshifter

For some reason we thought you already knew of this page. Sorry to have only just now given you the information. There are even more available because the icons from AWS weather are not on that page. We cannot find any page that has all the AWS icons so we have culled them individually from all their pages manually. We have 51 AWS icons available for the WM to use. They are all from the same set so they match. Some are as obscure as night flurries. Big Grin

For those who may be new to TLB - AWS is a weather service with over 6000 weather stations for users in the United States. Of course this is just one of our many field offices here as Headquarters is in London.
First, thanks so much for the icons page! Big Grin

Second, it would be fine if the warning icon replaced the weather icon. How can I set this up? I use wunderground which places the warning information in a totally different part of the web page than the conditions information.

Thanks for your help!
Hello BlueHeaven

Using AWS weather service they place the icon instead of any other weather icon if it is called for. You can substitute the exclamation or question mark by calling them something else. For example if the weather page you use calls for severe weather warning then you can make the exclamation icon appear. For help with Wunderground perhaps someone who uses it will respond with further help.

Best wishes. If no one else responds perhaps additional help can be found. Smile