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Full Version: UK Share Prices
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Evening all,

How's about this plugin for the plugin Weather Monitor!
It works with, search for the symbol of your shares Eg. BAY.L for British Airways. Copy the new address to the URL and there you have it!

Put the Yahoo UK Share Prices.ini in the weathermon/providers folder
Ooops here's the zip
Quote:Ooops here's the zip
Ooops it don't work!
what's it not doing?
Well - It's not showing up in the drop down providers box for a start. I think you need to clarify exactly where and what needs to be put in the providers sub-directory.
When you open the Zip file:
Extract to C:\Program Files\Truelaunchbar\Plugins\weathermon\Skins or wherever you installed TLB
A new folder will be created called UK Shares
In this folder you will find a file called Yahoo UK Share Prices.ini, copy that file to this folder to C:\Program Files\TruelaunchBar\Plugins\weathermon\Providers

You should now see it in your providers pulldown menu