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Full Version: What is the purpose of the profiles option
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On the TLB settings screen/general options there is a profiles option.

What does this do? I thought it would save all current the TLB settings to one file but I don't think it does. ???

Can someone check and tell me about this feature.

You can have more than one TLB running on your computer. Therefore, each TLB has its own profile and is saved separately. Wink

That's how I figure it. Can anyone else confirm this?
Sorry - I'm still not clear as to the function.
From some experimentation with this, and with no documentation (AFAIK!), it appears to save SOME of the settings into a profile that can then be recalled and applied to a different True Launch Bar.

As it doesn't appear to save all the settings, and as we're unclear as to it's actual purpose, I should imagine it's still in development...
Profiles is the best way to save all options from TLB Settings dialog box. So when you create new toolbar you can quickly apply all options to this toolbar. Other way of use: switching between profiles. This option can be useful for owners of laptops. There are some options for mouse that can be useful when you are using usual mouse and these options becomes irritating when you switch to touch pad.

HorusUK what settings do not saved into profile?
Quote:with no documentation (AFAIK!)
The documentation will come with final release. It is too hard to support docs for betas.
Quote:what settings do not saved into profile?
I have only tested briefly but the SHOW TITLE option is not saved by the profiles feature.

I will test more thoroughly this week.
SHOW TITLE - this is "Hide toolbar title" option or not? Can you tell the tab name where this option is?
Yes, on toolbar options HIDE TOOLBAR TITLE is not saved.
this is GLOBAL option it take effect to all toolbars.
Quote:this is GLOBAL option it take effect to all toolbars.
Yes I see however the True Launch Bar option to HIDE TITLES does not work together with the context menu option to SHOW TITLE.

Correctly Toolbar title disappears if I turn on True Launch Bar HIDE TITLES (after refresh on each individual toolbar) but does not automatically RE-appear if I unmark HIDE titles. I must manually right click and choose SHOW TITLE on context menu.

This is confusing.

I think a more correct function would be to

- allow each toolbar title to be set ON or OFF individually
- rename TLB function HIDE TITLES to same as context SHOW TITLE and make it a ON/OFF switch.

This would be more logically and would help the new user understand this ability better.

Thank you.
Yes, you are right. I'll make this option individually for toolbar.