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Full Version: the localization ini file format problem
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The localization ini file format is
english string(name?)=localized string

So the lcman-unicode will parse incorrectly when the english string contains "=" character.

Where you've found '=' ???
oh, I forgot to say it.


Date format notation
d = day M = month y = year

d = Day no leading zero
dd = Day with leading zero
ddd = Short name of weekday
dddd = Long name of weekday

M = Month number no leading zero
MM = Month number with leading zero
MMM = Short name of month
MMMM = Long name of month

y = Two digit year no leading zero
yy = Two digit year with leading zero
yyyy = Full year

Time format notation
h = hour m = minute s = second t = am or pm

h = 12 hour
H = 24 hour

hh, mm, ss = leading zero
h, m, s = no leading zero