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Full Version: FLB will not show
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I've been using freelaunch bar very happily and converting a few friends as i go when....
i got a loverly Virus VX2 which took me a full day to remove, somewhere along the line FLB wasn't showing, so i checked it was loaded, check! then i uninstalled it, and reinstalled it. i am getting the Toolbar option but nothing shows, nor if i RMB click anywhere on the task bar do i get the FLB options!

so i need to remove a reg key or something to get it running afresh?

Any help would be great
Try to rename installation package into setup.exe and install FLB again. After installation Windows must rebuild the toolbars list.

Let me know if this will not help you.
Hi, Thanks for he reply. i renamed 'freelaunchbar.exe' to 'setup.exe' (i think this is what you asked?) but i got the same problem.

there is no tick next to FLB when i choose it in my toolbar selection. no matter how many times i select it.

i tried uninstallling, deletiong directory, running a Clean registry tool and re installing but it's always the same. the only thing i notice is when i reinstall the 'core components' is greyed out, does this mean it is already installed? should i find it and uninstall it and try again? is so where can i find it please?

greyed components will be installed every time.
The problem with the windows registry. May be the best way will be to update windows from compact disk. Because some of the seetings become invalid.

BTW do you try to restart after installation?