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Full Version: [question] Secrets of player interfacing DLLs
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Dear TrueLaunchBar developers!
Is it possible for you to reveal the secrets of those DLLs which are used to interface between Media Control plugin and media players? I wish to write such one DLL for my new player. Can I deploy that DLL then with my product (it is freeware)? Another my idea is that player consists of server and remote client. Ppl would probably like then to use the remote with some other player. May I now use your interfacing libraries to do that? Of course, full credit of TrueSoft will be given. Or even I might force people to download the TrueLaunchBar to have other players interaction... Whaddya think?
This is not a secret. A link to SDK is on MC page Wink
Here is SDK and some examples. If you have any question let me know Big Grin