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Full Version: Tear Off Menu that Stays Visible on Desktop
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Still, TLB now hangs (and must be unloaded via process manager and then reloaded), if I try to make changes to any torn-off menu (like changing colors or other menu options).
Thank you for reporting bug. I hope hungs are fixed it in this version.

The new test version works well. No hanging. One small glitch: If I place a tear-off menu on the desktop and pin it, and then I customize the menu, its location reverts to its original creation place on the desktop (for me, on a different monitor). I then need to unpin the menu, move it again, and pin it again.
hi danmeek,

I'm looking for a better organization on my dektop and I'm curious to know/see how you organized your desktop. could you show me your desktop to see the Fences-like organization you talked about ?
Yuri, one of my earlier replies got out of order, because I did not see that this thread has 2 pages. So here it is again, describing an ongoing problem:

RE: Tear Off Menu that Stays Visible on Desktop
Also, TLB now has this new annoying feature: If I click to open any TLB toolbar (I use the autohide with tabs feature), all torn-off menus suddenly appear on the screen, over all applications. This occurs, even though the torn-off menus are set to not be on top.

This still happens, as of 09/5/2017, but differently. Now the torn-off menus appear only for one second and then disappear. This is an improvement but still not ideal.

Correction: The torn-off menus all appear. They disappear, only if the program that is loading appears in a window that is directly on top of the torn-off menu.

Also, whenever I edit a torn-off menu, it then changes its location on the screen, even if it is already pinned to its current location. I then have to go to the new location, unpin it, move it back to the current location, and pin it again. But, if I again edit the menu, it moves again.

Also, checking or unchecking Always on Top for any torn-off menu now does not matter. They all stay on the screen after a Windows-D. I want only the ones marked Always On Top to stay on the screen after a Windows-D.

Thanks for fixing this.


Attached is a very simple example.

I have found Fences to be very slow and to cause explorer to hang. So, instead of using Fences, I now use TLB to show torn-off menus on the desktop, in a way similar to Fences, except better.

Fences does not allow you to use small icons with text displayed to the right. TLB does.

If you want, you can put your entire desktop into a TLB torn-off menu by selecting the folder for the menu = c:users\username\desktop. You can then tell Windows not to show the desktop incons, because you no longer need them.

Unlike Windows, TLB will reliably sort the desktop items in any number of ways. It allows displaying them in many ways that Windows does not.
Since we are addressing torn-off menus in this thread, here is another concern.

I have made a torn-off menu and have assigned to it the hotkey Alt-N. When I hit Alt-N, the torn-off menu appears, but so does the entire auto-hidden toolbar.

In this case, the toolbar itself completely covers up the menu, unless the menu is set to Always on Top.

This needs a fix. The hotkey should not cause the entire toolbar to appear.

I will also make this a new thread, in case that is a better way to address it.

Hi Damneek,
Thanks for the tip I tried your idea and find a good way to organize my desktop icons by categories!
Pinning does not do what I want. If menu is set to not on top, it disappears with Win-D, even if it is pinned.
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