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Full Version: Feature request: override filemanager (override windows explorer)
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If this already exists then I have overlooked this, my apologies for that.

Is it possible in a future version to set another default filemanager when a folder is clicked in TLB.

For example somewhere in the settings of TLB there would be an inputfield where the user can input the path to the filemanager and then a token/argument which represent the folder, for example $folder$ (it's just an example).

So the user would put in the inputfield:
d:\filemanager\fm.exe $folder$

Now every time a user selects a folder/folder shortcut the above command is run in stead of opening windows explorer. $folder$ will be replaced by the clicked folder or target of a folder shortcut.
Some file manager programs have an option to replace Windows Explorer with that program. You might see if your selected file manager has that option.
For example, I have designated Directory Opus as my Windows Explorer replacement.