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Full Version: Large Memory Use
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TLB Standalone on Windows 10 is using 1GB of private memory and a total of 2GB of memory. Why?
Try to "refresh" toolbar, is this reduces memory use?
I have 6 toolbars. Refreshing them = no change in memory use. Even if I completely unload TLB and load it again, memory use goes to 1 GB and more.
This is getting worse. TLB standalone now uses over 2.3 gb of private bytes.[attachment=2010]
danmeek, I need some additional information about your setup. As I understand you have 6 toolbars and even on startup TLB takes 1GB of memory.

Please can you check what toolbar takes more memory. Try to open only one toolbar and close others, check the memory usage and then do the same with other toobars.
You can backup the file "%appdata%\Tordex\True Launch Bar\standalone.xml" before testing, to save your toolbars configuration. Restore this file when TLB is closed to return all toolbars back.

Here is some information of things that can take a lot of memory:
  • Big Icons. Usually TLB cache the same icons, but if the icons are different this can be a problem.
  • Big overlay images for menus
  • Some skins can be incorrectly designed and take a lot of memory
  • Sometimes plugins can take a bit more memory then we could expect, especially is there are many plugins.

Let me know, if you have any thoughts about your configuration and what can take a lot of memory.
How would I uninstall plugins?
So I closed each toolbar and checked memory use. Each toolbar took between 100 mb and 350 mb of memory. Seems extremely high. I have many plug-ins installed but do not use most of them and do not know how to uninstall them. I have no overlay images or big icons.
I would appreciate more advice on this subject.
It is really large memory. Please can you send me a backup of one of your toolbar to

To make toolbar backup, open TLB Settings and press "Backup" on "Options" page. Zip it and send to me. I'll try to investigate your configuration.
Hello, Yuri.