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Full Version: Volume control skins
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How to adjust size of volume controls without requirement to fix existent skin? Snapshot images of skins look greater (width of controls is greater) that I have here directly after installation of the Volume Control plugin and applying skins. I tried to adjust menu with controls by different way but results are the same - width of controls is the same as defined by rod image file.
Generally Volume control have the minimum size defined by rod image file. If menu have other meu items that are wider then Volume control stretch controls to fill the full menu width. Currently there are no way to change this size by other way.
Hmm. Seems that it really works, but in Text Menu View mode only. In case of Multicolumn text menu the control disappears at all, in other modes the rod image is not stratched. So, the only mode that makes stretching is Text Menu View mode only and width of control is defined by biggest length of caption of other items. Is it OK?
Try Volume Control 2.2 I've added the the minimum size option into the properties.
Thank you very much. But next time please, don't forget about my suggestion concerning ImageBase. That is so easy to arrange DLLs to provide not overlapped space for each of them, but users will thank you for better performance and lower memory usage.
Yes I remember about ImageBase. I must to rebuild all plugins.
Actually volume control skins have by default a fix size. If you want to resize this then firsly you have to go in the properties /control panel etc. and after then you can resize width and height of Volume control Skins.