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Full Version: clipboard manager database
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I use truelaunchbar since ever, and today I change my computer.
I want to know if there is a possibility to export the clipboard manager database and import to my new computer?

Merci d'avance
Clips are saved here:
C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Tordex\True Launch Bar\Clipboard Manager

Steps for moving your clipboard manager:
1. Move folder with clipboard manager clips
2. Move Clipboard Manage.tlbplugin file from toolbar folder

The second step can be replaced by backup/restore feature.
hi, clipboard manager has no backup restore function. I used this for many many years but a function to restore i found no in all that years. Why can we do not change the folder for saving the clips to another hard disk or partition and when we do new install we can do give clipboard manager this path.
Hi Yuri, is used TLB 7.5 last Version and Clipboard Manager 5.2 last Version on Win 10Pro 64 bit. But the path for saved Clips have no function to me. For what is that good? I do used Clipboard manager only for Text, so can you do here a function to change the folder for this? And a function to import older Clips thats where nice. I must do all my old Clips that i do many often used by new installations manually import, not nice that. Greets