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Full Version: Exit after Pasting option?
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In the Settings, where you put Show Window and Close After Pasting, would you consider adding an option "Exit after Pasting"? Almost every time I use my True Paste (and I launch it with a TLB Hot Key), it's for a single [paste-to-clipboard-and-paste-to-form] action. Then I usually empty the clipboard (or just delete the True Paste entry from the clipboard if there's other material in the clipboard that I want to keep there for the moment) and then right-click the True Paste icon and click Exit, so the True Paste doesn't continue to run needlessly. I think an optional setting to Exit after Paste would be a valuable addition to the program. Thanks for your consideration.
Did you consider this? I was just wondering whether this feature is a possibility in the next iteration of TruePaste.