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Full Version: How to debug and improve on VDesktop
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This is regarding the Virtual Desktop Plugin that Yuri had posted. I'd like to add the ability to move windows to other desktops as well as perhaps make a way to run certain windows in all desktops.

OK so I managed to get this to at least build. Be gentle, I'm a MS VC++ neophyte for sure.

I looked around the code a bit and it seems pretty simple. I'd like to be able to run it in the debugger, set break points and examine variables/class members, etc. However this is a DLL and a plug in at that! How would I load this DLL in the debugger?

Also it doesn't seem like there is much to this. I think that most of the handling of the virtual desktops is done by already defined routines in the Win32 API. As such I need some sort of a plan of attach on how I can get started. Pointers would be appreciated.

I envision say the user can rigth click on the title bar and there'll be another menu there for desktops. The user can then select a different desktop to move the current window to another desktop. And another menu item for all desktop.

I think this would involve integration into Windows windows manager itself, perhaps with registering DLLs, GUIDs and all sorts of Win32 API things I've never programmed for before but have seen in passing.

So a general, high level overview of what needs to be done with some points to the SDK pages so I can start doing things, along with the ability to plod along through the debugger would be wonderful, really appreciated and what I would need to get started. Otherwise I really don't have a clue.
The best way to debug plgins - using tlbHost utility. Run tlbHost, switch into some of testing toolbar, add your plugin on this toolbar. Now you can attach to tlbHost or/and debug it. tlbhost loads plugin dll.

One note to register plugin you must run command:
regsvr32.exe plugin.dll