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Full Version: Problem with testing translation
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I've created translations using the files avaliable on webpage, but after Making all translations in LCMAN my language is no more accessible for selection (and TLB is in English).
I use TLB 3.2.
Do I need to use the latest RC version?

All language dll's must be listed here:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\True Software\TrueLaunchBar\Langs

Check if this registry key exists.
I think LCMAN improperly writes dll entry into registry- see image, note dots after dll name. It is enough to edit and save key- dots are gone and language becomes avaliable.

I'm working on new version of LCMAN. This bug will be fixed too.

Other problems:
- Battery Monitor- contents of the first tab (General Options) is in English
- Mail Monitor is all in English (Polish library seems to be registered OK)
- Media Control is all in English (Polish library seems to be registered OK)


- Command Line: 'New alias', new earch engine, edit search engine dialogs are in English
- Clock: help dialogs for date and time format fields are in English

Are these only my problems?

I've created a new Polish translation (the one existing is really substandard, to say it politely) and would like to test it thoroughly.

Check the registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\True Software\TrueLaunchBar\Langs
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