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Full Version: LCMAN 2.0
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LCMAN 2.0 released.

This utility allow you to translate True Launch Bar into any language. Translation contain two steps:
1) You translate all strings
2) You resize the dialog boxes

System requirement:
Windows 2000/XP

Unzip all files into any folder.

Download the strings files before using LCMAN. All strings files must be placed into "project" subfolder. Run lcman.exe. Select the project and language you want to translate.

LCMAN have 5 buttons:

Open - opens new project or/and language
Translate - opens translation dialog where you can translate strings one by one
Dialogs - resize dialogs boxes. You can use arrows to move dialog items, SHIFT + arrows to change size.
Save - saves all changes
Make - craete resource dll

Download LCMAN 2.0
Download strings for TLB 3.2.13RC1
What is the procedure for moving existing translation into the new files?

Find the translated strings file in the old LCMAN for TLB this is tlb_strings.ini in the folder "tlb\<lcid>\".

Copy this file into new LCMAN:

strings.ini must be unicode. Open strings.ini with notepad and save as unicode.

Same for all plugins.
I've found some problems with the strings file. Please download updated strings: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ...</a><!-- m -->
Isn't there a problem with editing "Date format notation..." multiline string for Clock plugin (input box cannot handle text of required length)?

BTW, LCMAN 2 is excellent. The only thing I miss right now is ability to sort columns with text (by clicking on their headers).

Use CTRL+ENTER to type more the one string.
But it seems to be limited to 255 chars Sad

Can you confirm?

Yes, I'll make update today.
It seems it is still not updated.

I've updated LCMAN. Same link. Also the strings for mail Monitor updated too.
Please add feature in LCMAN to search for text in both strings and dialog view. That would facilitate greatly work on correcting translation.

Quote:Please add feature in LCMAN to search for text in both strings and dialog view.
Sorry, how this feature must work?
I press Ctrl+F, little dialog pops up. I enter string and click "Find next" or "Find previous". Then LCMAN jumps to found string.
It would be great if such dialog is non-modal.
Option for case sensitivity is welcome. Search should seek both in original and translated text.

ok, thank you for suggestion.
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