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This thread is for people who adds a skin to the Skins Library. It is for the people who cruise the forums and don't check the Skin Library often. Questions and comments needs to go elsewhere please.

Please post the Skin name and what plugin it is for.
Posted 6 new Aqua skins for the volume control plugin.
Added 6 more Aqua Volume skins:

Aqua Brown
Aqua Purple
Aqua Dark Red
Aqua Dark Blue
Aqua Luna Blue
Aqua Olive
New Media Control skin:

Red 16 with song
Added Aqua Volume Skin:

Aqua Black Red
Added 4 more Aqua Volume skins:

Aqua Red Blue
Aqua Black Silver
Aqua Silver Black
Aqua Purple Black
Added a Turn Off Computer skin:

Added a button image to the TLB Skins:

Grey Start Button
Added Clock Skin: Just a real basic text skin using Tahoma font in green. I looked through all the clock skins for something basic and didn't find what I wanted, so I made one. Hope you like it.
Hi, I've added 10 skins for the SysMon plugin:

Mini AMX Classic
Mini AMX Classic (no background)
Mini AMX Blue
Mini AMX Blue (no background)
Mini AMX Red
Mini AMX Red (no background)
Mini AMX Green
Mini AMX Green (no background)
Mini AMX Metallic
Mini AMX Black

And 2 skins for the NetMon:

Simple Metallic
Simple Black

Hope you like it. Smile
These are the really great skins. Thank you very much :thanks:
I've just added a skin I made a while ago, 48px Aqua for the Battery Monitor. I didn't create the icons though, I just compiled the skin.
I have uploaded a skin-suite (containing weather / media ctl / sysmon / drive / wireless / netmon / battmon / uptime) to deviantart:
I had no time to create individual screenshots and zips to upload to yet. Is there a way to upload all of them at once?
Excelent! Thank you very much!
New Added:

Ghost W7 - skin for drive space. Fit for people using dark solid color taskbars (without aero)
Ghost W7 -start button, same style.
W7 CPU - skin for sysmon. Have 2 versions, CPU history only, and CPU history + RAM load.
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