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Full Version: Can't get Volume Sliders stacked
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Hey guys,

Probably a simple thing that I'm missing. I used to be able to stack my horizontal volume control sliders on top of each other. I recently formatted and can only get them to sit next to each other and this is taking a lot of real estate on my taskbar.

The screenshot shows the volume toolbar as only spanning halfway down the full taskbar. If I increase the height of the taskbar as a whole it makes no difference.

Is there a setting that I'm missing?

Windows 10 Home (latest updates)
TLB 7.5
Volume Control

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you create Volume control plugin 3 times? Volume control stacked vertically if used some controls inside one plugin (look at attachment).
If you need 3 separate plugins right click toolbar open TLB Setting->Toolbar->General and set "Minimum size" option into 1.
Hey Yuri, thanks for that, I'd figured it out in the meantime but yes, that's exactly the solution.