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Full Version: Can't adjust taskbar height
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Tried today to change my Taskbar's height.  Used to work - but I haven't tried in many months.  Can't get the double arrow to show in order to allow me to change the height.  Performed a Restore Install to my Windows 10.  Still can't adjust the height.  Can this be caused by True Launch Bar?  I'm using version 7.5, default skin.  Can't adjust Taskbar height manually.

How do I disable TLB to see if it's causing this problem?  Thank you......
Please can you post a screenshot of your toolbar?

Also please check the option TLB Settings->Toolbar->General->Minimum size. Default value is 3. Try to set it into 3.
I took a JPG screenshot - but it was too large to fit it in this window. Sent it in an email instead.