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Full Version: Key state and spacer in standalone truelaunchbar
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I'm using the latest version of Truelaunchbar in standalone mode. I installed Key state plugin and spacer plugin using the components manager but, neither of these two components are showing in the 'New' context menu. I do see the folders for these two in the plugins folder so not sure what's going on. I uninstalled and reinstalled many times, but that did not help. Other plugins are working fine.

Any suggestions Yuri on how to fix this issue? Thanks!
Do you use the portable or installable version?
Portable version is distributed as zip file.
Installable version is distributed as as file truelaunchbar.exe
I'm using the portable one, Yuri.
I've updated key state plugin. Try to uninstall it and install again.
But I cannot reproduce the problem with the spacer plugin. Please can you zip the plugins\spacer folder an attach it here. I'll try to reproduce the problem.