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Full Version: [Solution] Quick Launch Windows 11 Taskbar -- "StartAllBack"
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Restore and improve taskbar
· Show labels on task icons
· Adjust icon size and margins
· Move taskbar to top, left or right edges
· Drag and drop stuff onto taskbar
· Center task icons but keep Start button on the left
· Split into segments, use dynamic translucency
· Separate corner icons with Windows 7/10 UI
Restore and improve File Explorer UI
· Ribbon and Command Bar revamped with translucent effects
· Details pane on bottom
· Old search box (the one which works)
· Dark mode support for more dialogs
Restore and improve context menus
· All new look with rounded acrylic menus
· Fast and responsive taskbar menus
· New fonts, better touch support
Restore and improve start menu
· Launch apps and go to system places in one click
· Navigate dropdown menus like a boss
· Enjoy fast and reliable search
Finally, lightweight styling and UI consistency
· Enjoy Windows 7, Windows 10 and third-party taskbar and start menu styles
· Fix UI inconsistencies in Win32 apps
· Don't be blue: recolor UI in all windows apps
· Negative resource usage: fewer RAM used, fewer processes started

Update: StartAllBack 2.9.93 RC released
Update: StartAllBack 2.9.94 RC released
(10-13-2021, 06:33 PM)FBSO Wrote: [ -> ]Update: StartAllBack 2.9.94 RC released
Is TLB working in StartAllBack installed Windows 11 without any problems?
This is StartAllBack 2.9.94 installed without any problems on my end.

[Image: source.gif]
Are you a dev on this project FBSO?
No just trying to help out TLB users. I too find TLB quick launch indispensible

However I prefer ExplorerPatcher because my only concern is the taskbar