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Full Version: Media Control Plugins
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Hope to increase other Media Player
For example KMplayer and Qs Eclipse Media Player

+1 for KMPlayer (very good player)

I'm sorry, but I'd like to know if a media-control for KMPlayer is possible in a not-so far futur ?
I use it a lot for all medias, and I don't want use a music player just for listening music with controls on taskbar...
Please yuri, could you give me a response, yes or no (oh noooo... Undecided ), but I need to knooooow. Thanks.
Perhaps when Yuri catches up with more important items he may be able to get to it. There are some other players ahead of your request. Right now Yuri is attempting to get the latest TLB fully compatible with Vista in all respects.

Hi Q :oops:

So sorry for my overlate answer. I "just" forgot to answer after reading your reply. But now I see that TLB is really more compatible with vista, I hope he will have the time to enhance the media control plug-in... 8)
joshua.maverick wrote:So media control is no longer working with mkv? Sigh.