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Full Version: Run all
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I have a submenu that I want to add the Run all symbol to. I did it while I was experimenting a few days ago -- now, I cannot find out how. I have gone through every help file item, every context menu item, not only once, but twice and three times. Help -how is it done?

Hans L
Right click TLB, select new, seperator or title, then right click on the title or seperator and click "enable run all". Big Grin
Hello Jeremy, and thanks for your response.

However, I am not sure I understand. Why would I want to create something new, and why would I want to Run all for a separator? (And Yuri said there was somtehing wrong with creating Title -- it is not in my list of New).

I have a menu, and in that menu, I have a submenu, which contains three applications. These applications are the ones I want to run when I click on the submenu button. Can I not apply the Run all symbol on the submenu? If not, have I designed this incorrectly?

Hans L
Here is the FAQ topic