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Full Version: TLBclock upgrade
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I have almost completed a series of new skins, but I ran into a small problem. I really need for the 'date' numbers to be a different size than the time digits. Would this be difficult to add?
You can easily create new digits or resize the digits. These are found as the digits.png file within each skin of the tlbclock plugin.
Sorry, let me clarify. Within the same skin I need the time digits to be different than the day digits. Right now they both access the same digits.png file, but I need, say, a digits.png and a day.png, with different size graphics in each. I have looked at all the documentation that I can find, and I have even experimented to see if the documentation was incomplete, but to no avail.

Does that help?
Yes it is understandable now. Perhaps Yuri can give us an update.
Yes, I'll update tlb clock soon. Also the bug with double week name will be fixed too.
Thanks guys!
Yuri, was this feature added in version 1.7? I have 1.7 installed, but it appears to be behaving the same as before. Perhaps I am simply not doing something correctly.