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Full Version: plugins in .NET (C#, VB Development)
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I am quite new to the plugin development and I am wondering if it's possible to develope plugins for the TLB in .NET environment. And if it's possible, does anyone have a really simple example on how to do it.
Microsoft don't recommend to write shell extentions using .NET
This is no longer the case with .NET 4.0 with the Side-by-Side support.

from Peter Ritchie's MVP blog
Quote:Another notable improvement is side-by-side (SxS) support for multiple versions of .NET. This allows hosting of more than one version of the CLR within a single process. This makes writing shell extensions, for example, in C# a reality in .NET 4.0. You shouldn't need to target .NET 4.0, but as long as .NET 4.0 is installed you should be able to write shell extensions in a current version of .NET (like .NET 2.0) and it will be supported. Prior to .NET 4.0, a process could only have one version of the CLR loaded into a process, making extending 3rd party native applications (like the Windows shell) very problematic because what version of the CLR that was loaded into a process would depend on the first extension loaded. If the first extension loaded was a .NET 1.1 assembly then any other extensions loaded requiring .NET 2.0 would subsequently fail.
Quote:This is no longer the case with .NET 4.0 with the Side-by-Side support.
Thank you for information.
It's possible with .NET 3.0 and 3.5 as well.
ngen 'em ...

Check out QTTabBar, a shell extension that adds TABS to Windows Explorer that is written entirely in C# and NGen's the assemblies before it registers them.

Works quite the treat!
Has anyone been able to do plugin development using C#, yet?
I'm sorry, currently plugins can be created with C++ only Confused