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Full Version: 64-bit version localization
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Hi, there.

I'm really satisfied with True Launch Bar and using 64-bit version since I registered this great piece of software (April 2006), to be used in Windows XP x64.

Right now, I have completed my migration to Vista x64 and still using the Launchbar with default english language.

All of the available language packs are only for x86 version, and no way to use them with x64 one, 'cause their setup won't run.

So... before trying to translate tons and tons of text strings by my own with LCMAN tool, I would like to be reassured that it will be able to generate a x64 compatible language pack.

Elsewhere, if a x86 language pack could be used in x64 version with some tricks, please let me know.

Thank you!
Whoa... wonderful to see that I'm a paying customer, and after 15 days got no answer at all.

I'm really disappointed. :x
Currently there no way to make localization for x64 systems. I'm working on this.
I would like to see results too.
I think you had a anough time to get the localizations work on the 64bit Version.
Please do something!!!
Yuri Kobets Wrote:Currently there no way to make localization for x64 systems. I'm working on this.

"Currently" was stated more than a half year ago... and nothing changed.

I'm really disappointed, since many cosmetic features such as glass Aero effects has been implemented, but the most relevant gap between 32 and 64bit versions hasn't yet filled.

Please... I'm asking you to spend more attention on this, since it shouldn't take so long to be completed, and to have an estimated time to be released.

Thank you.