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Full Version: Play default Sound when clicking on Volume Control!
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Can you please add an option to have the Windows Default sound play when you click and let go on the Volume Control in True Lanuch Bar?

I would like it the same way it is when you click on the Windows built in Volume control.

This would be really handy to have. Smile

Having the default sound play is great so you can test how loud your speakers are really fast.

Please add this.
I really would like this added.
Yes, I'll add this option. Thank you.
Yuri Kobets Wrote:Yes, I'll add this option. Thank you.

Great!!! Smile

Big thanks!

Looking forward to it Smile
If you can I would like for you to make it so you need to double click the Volume icon to hear the default PC sound.

This will really come in handy for me.
Any idea when new version will be released?
Would it be possible to include a "balance" slider like the one that appears when clicking "advanced" using the Windows volume control from the control panel?


Its easy to forget about altering to party when you disco and return.
I think talk would be great as default chat mode.