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Full Version: wish a system tray plugin
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In fact, I really want a system tray plugin, which can become the default system tray into a popup menu, or one icon that you can right-click it for a popup menu, so it can save more place for our limited taskbar. thanks and best wishs!
I have used the software SysTrayX, but it is difficult to use and I want a simple plugin like it, so only TLB can solve every things in the taskbar. thanks.
This plugin is currently in development.
Hi Yuri,

that plugin really interesting. Do you already know when we can expect it?

It would be cool if you could select just the icons you wanted to display instead of having to look at all of them. Big Grin
Any progress on the tray plugin?

It would be cool if you could select just the icons you wanted to display instead of having to look at all of them. Big Grin
Same here - having a plugin (or feature) to minimize tlbHost to the tray would be wonderful. I now exit tlbHost if I do not want to unhide it by accident...(it's a hide/unhide toolbar in the right hand of my screen and when I come near the close-window of applications it sometimes unhides)
There's a program called "PS Factory Tray" that will do what everybody in this thread is looking for. You can control (hide/unhide/sort in order) ALL the icons in the system tray of the taskbar. Unlike SystrayX, this program is stable & works well...been using it for years.

PS Tray Factory was something I was gonna suggest too, but you beat me to the punch. Its a great software which does exactly what you want, and probably some more.
Yuri Kobets Wrote:This plugin is currently in development.

Any idea when this will be released? Smile
Good to hear this Plugin is in development...
although I'm not sure everyone in this thread is asking for the same thing, what niuhuifei (the originator of this thread) is asking for, is what I would like to see. A pop-up TLB type of menu with the sys tray items listed, of which I would imagine you could then use the TLB Hide feature to select out what you don't want to see.
I like to hide my taskbar completely, but I do need to access the sys tray items on occasion... so if it was a menu that could be a tear-off with a hotkey that pops up at the cursor location... how cool would that be.
Hope that is what you are thing Yuri
The Plugin is in development?!?!?!? Another old thread brought back from the dead!Confused

Sorry about that, but I've been trying to use PS Tray Factory and just thought it would make sense to consolidate my apps and simplify my life. I'd like to know if this plugin will ever see the light of day. {EDIT}: PSTF actually does NOT work out very well. There are a few icons that I can't hide and it sometimes wipes out my entire taskbar! No response so far from the authors, maybe it's a dead app. Hopefully a TLB plugin could soon display my notification area items with a description.