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Full Version: Vista and toolbar location
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I am runing beta version 4.2.2

I really loved the option of having my toolbar on the top of my screen and when I was using windows xp I had no problems at al with this. I now have Windows Vista Ultimate and I can not grab the toolbar and drag it at all. I do get the + symbol as if I could drag it but the toolbar just will not move. Do you have any idea what my problem might be and how I can fix it?
This is the known Windows Vista feature (or bug I guess). It is impossible to drag toolbar from the taskbar to other place. But it is possible to fix this problem. Try this:
Take any folder or "Computer" icon and drag it to the top (or to the other side) of screen as closer as possible. When you drop the folder Windows will create the toolbar. Now you can turn on the TLB on that toolbar and turn off the standard toolbar.

Also you can try Standalone TLB (aka tlbHost). It create toolbar with some more options.