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Full Version: Wireless Monitor v1.7
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Wireless Monitor v1.7 released.

Wireless Monitor allow you to monitor wireless connections. It show the signal quality graph and traffic lights. In tooltips you can see the major parameters of wireless connection. Wireless Monitor supports skins.

Changes in this version:
* Added the update time option

Download 32-bit version
Download 64-bit version
thank you very much ,
but i dont think this update can make lots of sense. the signal always tend to be stable, i dont know if the update time is set to 500ms or lower, is this making any sense?

the network monitor should be added with this function i think.
(12-12-2007, 04:16 PM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: [ -> ]Wireless Monitor v1.7 released.

Yuri, what do the lights mean? I don't see a help page on this plugin so I'm asking here.
On my Win10 64bit wireless plugin the green and red lights slowly/erratically flash on and off.
What do they this mean?

Auckland NZ
Green light - something was downloaded during update interval
Red light - something was uploaded during update interval