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Full Version: STACK applet
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I think it could be nice to have a plug-in with the Stack style (from OS-X 10.5 "Leopard" dock). Smile
It should have two functions : by clicking on the icon, it could expand and show shortcuts for any locations i.e. "program files".
And it could also be a virtual folder where to put any file or folder you don't want on your desktop.
This function should be enabled by drag & dropin' the object on the Stack icon on the TLB, and this action could run a background comand wich cut and paste the object.
Also with the stack plug-in it could be fine to have a shell context-menu extension as "put in the stack" or something like that or perhaps by creating an entry in the "send to" folder... And another entry should be "create a short cut (of the object) in the stack.
And for the name, by analogy I think "Snack Plug-in" could be nice :wink:
Sorry if I my wish is impossible to create. I'm sure this could be really handy for those who are permanently import craps on there desk (just like me). Sorry again if I'm not clear, my english is poor so if you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask me Smile
I hope I'm not the only one interrested by those functions :x
Wow ! Half a month later, it seems that nobody's interrested by the idea of a "Stack" applet, even to give me an answer like "oh, your idea is a bullshit" or "you're right, dude" or something like that. Sad And nobody else to say that my explainations are bad too. So I suppose that my idea is well-explained but st***d or absolutely without interrest. Sad Sad Sad
Idea is very good. There are some other posts about STACK on this forum. I'll try to make stacks. Thank you.
Thanx for your reply Yuri. I didn't saw the other posts but because of my low web connection I didn't read all the posts of the forum. But I'm happy my idea please you. Thanx to try to do it Smile
Hi everybody. I am new to Rev and programming. Never did any programming before.
I would like to create a stack within a stack, meaning that the Main Stack will hold all the substacks. Right now, all my substack are individual stacks outside the Main Stack. Can anyone help? Thanks.