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Full Version: Internal/External IP Monitor
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I think that such module is useful to much, an adjusted icon if on it to guide the mouse cursor there will be (adjusted) a pop-up help which will contain ip addresses both internal devices, and external ip ISP address.

For example:
1. If it is necessary to show only external ip in the help we will see only this ip (which it will be defined through some specified servers, such as: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> or <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->).

2. If it is necessary to display besides external ip addresses also internal addresses of a network adapter then it will look so (we adjust):
iIP (iIP2,3-.../Mask - for subinterface etc.)

Like: (external)
----------------- (internal) (mask) (gateway)
--- (dns) (alternative dns)

or if presents subface: (external)
----------------- (internal) ( (mask) (gateway)
--- (dns) (alternative dns)

ps First idea - this is external ip monitor. Please if somebody got a small time, write this small module Smile Thnx in advance homies.
For example, something similar to this picture, somewhere so approximately should look an emerging window, which by the way should be adjusted by the user as where to display.

[Image: 20080719083353ov5.png]

Any comments 'bout this module? :?:
Any chances?
Quote:Any chances?
Yes Smile

Well do you want to see all information are in the tips? What on the main button?
Thnx for reply Yuri Smile

I think, can be to give the chance to choose, how to show, in the help, in a line of the menu (for example system up time plugin). But first of all is in tips, set given in tips.

And here is how the module in general should look - I think an icon, by default an icon one colour, if for example it is not possible to display, more truly to receive external ip the address (absence of the Internet) it will be displayed somehow on another, I think it while now not important Wink

First idea, this is external ip monitor, so:
1. Show exernal ip

Second, this is local area adapters monitor:
2. Show LAN settings
first lan adapter
ip (subface)

second lan adapter

wireless adapter
and etc.

And show all this adapters optional, if user want to show infos 'bout some adapter, just checked need adapter in setting of module.
Yuri, what you think about it? Smile
Hello I was wondering if this fine product can use an External GPS if specified on the BB OS advanced options or does it only use the internal GPS chip?
If it can use external GPS chips, does it allow the WAAS if the GPS device has this feature?

I have a BB 8830 and an external BT GPS at my disposal.

Thank you