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Full Version: Foobar x64 support
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After using Winamp for thirteen years, I've switched to Foobar. I'm wondering if experimental, alpha, or otherwise any Foobar support exists for the media player plugin for TLB x64?

I've been using the unofficial x64 beta support for Winamp, and the beta x64 media plugin for quite some time now, but switched players because of Winamp stability issues, and for the fact that Foobar has WASAPI output.
Does support exist, or even planned?


Ah, the hell with it. Turns out Foobar has it's own brand of peculiarities.
Back to Winamp.
I'd love a foobar x64 plugin!!
Here is support for foobar. Please can you test it.
Any updates regarding this? I would love to be able to use the media plug in!
i'm using the latest version foobar2000, with the x64 version of TLB right now

not sure what you are asking for QAZ, the media plugin works perfectly