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Full Version: Inconsistent Toolbar Width Across Page
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I have several toolbars docked on each side of my screen. The maximum width of all of the toolbars together is unpredictable. Sometimes it is 3/4 of the width of the entire screen. Sometimes it is 1/2 of that width. This causes the toolbars to truncate and makes them hard to see.

What determines the overall width of all toolbars docked together on the side of a screen? How can I change that?
Please can you post some screenshots of the problem?
The very wide bars are what loads in Windows 2000 upon booting. They are so wide that they intrude over into my secondary screen.

But if I try to reduce the width of the bars, they snap into a very narrow version, which then refuses to be expanded horizontally.

So I have a choice between far too wide and far too narrow.

I would have attached screenshofts in a graphic format but the gifs and jpgs were too big to be accepted by your system. I would have attached them as PDF files, but your system refuses to accept PDF files. I suggest that you change your system so that you can receive larger graphic files and PDF files.
While you have answered my other question about width, you have not answered this question about why the widths dramatically change, despite the fact that I have not changed anything.