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Full Version: A button that would open a toolbar instead of a menu
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I've combed the forum for such an suggestion but it was fruitless, I apologize if this was already suggested...

What the title says, a button that would open (show) a toolbar instead of a menu. It would be a full size toolbar above the taskbar (or below, for those who use a top taskbar). Simply a toolbar the size (width) of a taskbar above (below) it. The button would work like a toggle switch leaving the toolbar open even when the mouse wouldn't hover over it. The toolbar would disappear only after turning off the switch/button.

I hope I have narrated this properly.
This is possble right now woth some restrictions. Create the menu with all shortcuts. Right-click the menu and select Customize menu. Set the options:
View Mode: Icons Only
Icons Size: Small Icons
Columns: 50 (or something else large)

Now you can tear off the menu and place it over the taskbar or in any other place. This looks like the toolbar Wink

Some restrictions:
1) Menu can't be docked
2) Toggle is not working

I plan to make the menu dock and toggle, in the future versions.