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Full Version: Button to minimize background windows only?
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Would there be a way to make a little button, like windows old 'show desktop' button, but with a twist: instead of minimizing all windows, it closes all BUT the one that is currently focused?

This is something I've always wished was a feature of Windows. Then I thought maybe TLB could have do it!

Every day I end up with a bunch of windows open and want to shrink the background ones while keeping the focused one open. As the background ones can really clutter up, get in the way and become a distraction.

You can click the show desktop button, but then you have to find the window you had in front from the taskbar to bring it up again.
Is this something like the show desktop button on Windows 7 taskbar? You hover mouse over this button and Windows show the desktop. Move mouse off the button will restore all windows.
Yeah sorta, but it keeps the acitve window open.

I just realised that it's called the Aero Shake in Windows7. So it can be done. But it's a bit hard to shake the window, a button would be much simpler. Would have been cool if Windows made middle click on the show desktop button do this or something a bit easier then shaking the windows.

But I've just been looking and looks like there's a few ideas out there for making a button, so I'll give those ago.