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Full Version: Button Overlays for Menu buttons (instead of arrows)
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I'd like an option to put a overlay image on my menu button icons (on the quick launch bar).

Like the glass overlays used on Windows 7 taskbar. Or something similar.

I think it will help define menu buttons from program shortcuts. ATM I use the arrows for this, but find they don't stand out well.

[Image: tlbsdfae.jpg]

Example: "glass overlay" used on menu button instead of arrows
[Image: tlasdaf.jpg]

This could work with black underlays (or really any color) instead of the glass overlays - (with the same square button shape.)

What do you think?
This is possible right now via changing the skin.
What skin does this?
I guess none of the existing. What skin you want to take as a base? I can modify it.
I see what you mean, I can make it myself. I haven't been able to figure it out, so would appreciate if you could help. I tried editing the "button.png" and "arrow.png" with no luck.

I want to use the luna theme for the menu, but with the spacing on the toolbar as in "Blue glass". I find luna theme buttons are a little too squashed.

Can you use the button press overlay in Blue Glass theme for when no action is taken on the button? - But only on the toolbar Menu buttons (not the exe files).