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Full Version: Button/Menu
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I would like a combination button/menu similar to what is often seen on various program toolbars. Essentially it's a button that launches a program, but at the button's right edge is also a narrow button that pops up a menu. The main button could either be fixed to always launch the same program or to launch the last program that was accessed via the menu.

Let me describe a usage scenario. I have 4 web browsers installed on my computer: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. I primarily use Firefox, but I keep the others around just to test websites for compatibility. Currently I have all 4 browsers on my True Launch Bar. It takes up a lot of space, especially since I only rarely use 3 of the 4.

I can put them all into a single "browsers" menu, but then I'd have to open the menu every time I want to access my main browser. Ideally I would like to be able to have quick access to the one I use most, but still be able to quickly reach the others.

For another example, consider games. Someone could have several games installed and accessible via the menu, but the game most recently launched via the menu is also available to quickly launch with the main button.
This feature is named "delayed menus". Make the menu, move there all the shortcuts to the browsers, then right-click the browser you want to be the default, select Appearance->Set as default

Now when you click the menu the default browser will be opened. If you want to access other browsers press the menu button and wait ~1 sec before the menu will be opened. The time before menu open can be ajusted on TLB Settings->Mouse.
That is awesome! Thank you!
This is exactly what I'm wanting, but I'm not seeing any "Delayed Menu" options. I'm running v4.4 64-bit. I tried creating a regular "Menu" item, but I don't see a "Set as default" option when I right-click on the browser I want as the default option.

What am I missing?
"Delayed Menu" don't works for virtual folders. When you create menu don't write the path into the second field on the first step.
Thanks! That was it. I always assumed you *had* to supply a path. It wasn't obvious to me that the path is optional.