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Full Version: Arrange items by type in recent menu
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Hi Yuri,

Minor issue. I have added Recent Items to my menu and have been trying to arrange them by type without success.
Later I found that the reason behind that is the Recent Items folder contains links to the real files and folders, this way the type of each entries are "shortcut", so such an arrangement can't take the original file type into consideration. So this is clearly not a bug to be fixed, but an understandable windows behavior.

Still my question is if you can extend the original windows functionality and make these "shortcuts" arrangeable by their original filetype? Maybe by offering a sort function by stripping the last 4 characters (.lnk) and sorting on the file extension (after the last remaining ".") .

This feature is released already. The option you need to turn on is Arrange Icons By->Parse Shortcuts.
Aah, that's brilliant. I just had to set arrange by Type, set Autoarrange and set Parse shortcuts, and it's done.