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Full Version: [resolved] Mouseover (hover) text colour
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Not like we did not ask something similar before but now this:

Using a skin for TLB we want to change the Menu text colour during mouseover (hover). In the tlbskin.ini changing any colour item seems not to make any changes in the text at all for mouseover.

Who has the answer to this riddle? Thank you in advance.

In the tlbskin.ini the text color defined as:
4 colors for 4 states:
normal, over, open active, open inactive
That was changed but no colour changes in the menu upon mouseover.
Please post your skin here I'll check it. Also tell what TLB version you are using.
TLB 4.4.10.RC2

Expecting red text but get Blue on hover.
The color format in TLB skins have format 0xBBGGRR so:
0xFF0000 - blue
0x00FF00 - green
0x0000FF - red

I guess this format confused you :oops:
Although it is not mentioned on the Skins specification (v2.1) page upon further investigation we do see it was documented elsewhere so we can say we missed it. Your information worked well, thank you again, Yuri!