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Full Version: Send hotkey
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It would be great to see a plugin (or new button type for the Launchbar) that would send a hotkey combination when pressed.

Example: I set up a button or menu item that when pressed would send "Cntrl-C" or whatever hotkey was assigned.
Please can you describe how do you plan to use this plugin?
Sure, there are a few programs I use that allow hotkeys to be assigned to perform a number of different events...the problem is that if not used often, it's easy to forget the hotkey combination. If I could instead create a button on the launchbar that would send the hotkey combination, I could give that button an obvious name, and wouldn't forget what the hotkey was.

I'll give an example of how I would use that now:
There's a program I'm using that allows virtual desktops. (Let me add that I'm aware of the virtual desktop plugin that works with Launchbar already, but it doesn't work the way I need it to.)
The program allows you to switch desktops through the use of hotkeys. But I'm not that big a fan of hotkeys, I'd rather press a defined button. (Plus there's a good chance that I would forget what the hotkey is anyway.)

So if I could create a button that sent for example "Ctrl-Shft-Z" when pressed, I could assign that hotkey to desktop 1. I could label the button "Desktop 1" and I would always know what it's for. (No confusion about hotkeys.)

Thank you. I'll make this plugin.
(01-22-2012, 02:09 PM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you. I'll make this plugin.

You can use vbscript's sendkeys to do this - I´ve used it extensively and it works fine.

Look for an example on the web but it's as simple as creating a .vbs file and putting it on a toolbar or menu. Change the icon or set an overlay image to get rid of the standard vbs icon.

You can also use autoit or autohotkey but with vbs you don't need to download anything - it works natively in windows via wscript and can be written in vb or javascript.

What I would like to see is a TLB API that can be called from wscript to eliminate the need to simulate keystrokes to perform functions.