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Full Version: Skins - Menu Placement
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Is it possible to control where menus and submenus appear?
If so, I would appreciate an example of how to move a submenu further to the right.


The optional AttachMargins value in the [Menu] section of the tlbskin.ini file, mentioned in the Skin Specification, allows you to move the menu positive or negative from the normal location.
The value operates somewhat oddly, as I needed to place a negative left value (AttachMargins = -4, 0, 0, 0), to move the menu right.

From the Skin Specification:

Additional values for [Menu] and [MenuWithCaption] section

These two sections can have additional value:

AttachMargins = left, right, top, bottom

Use these margins if your skin have a transparent borders (for example the shadow) to move the menu's attach points.