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Full Version: System Monitor v4.0.2 beta
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Quote:Nobody report the maximum fan speed Sad So parameter GPU_FAN_SPEED_FREE is not supported.
I don't understand this, it works with gpu-z.

Quote:System Monitor can take the cpu load without any programs.
Aaah, allright.

Dear Sirs,

First of all thank you for the great application that really very useful!

I would like to ask you for the help concerning System Monitor v4.1. I like and use Vista Sidebar skin and up to v3.1 I had no questions. Also I don’t need any supported application for SM.

But after updating to version 4.1, I noticed that the memory load indicator does not behave as before. It seems that the dial indicator not been exactly coordinated with the numerical value and a bit slowed. For example, 45% of memory usage - the arrow may be in the middle. And at 27% - the arrow can go off-scale.

I would really appreciate for the link to version 3.1.

Best regards,

P.S. I was able to return back the System Monitor v3.1. And I do not see any difference between the System Monitor and native Windows gadget again!
(11-06-2012, 02:50 PM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: [ -> ]core_dock - (left, right, top, bottom) defines the side where the cores attached to the main skin.

Is it possible to put the core_dock in front?
If i define a single background in main.xml, the chart image defined in core.xml is on the side of the background.
If i define the background in core.xml, i get four times the same picture.

Thanks, johnny
The link to the specification of the new skin format is still dead =(

Here is the link:

It's listed on this page:
Hi Yuri,

Any chance of getting the spec PDF?
Is the old version of sysmon (3.1) available somewhere?
Quote:Is the old version of sysmon (3.1) available somewhere?

Quote:Any chance of getting the spec PDF?
I feel ashamed Blush but spec is not ready yet.
Thanks Yuri.
Any news on the skin spec?
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