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Full Version: Win 7 compatible Hot Key Plus/WinKey
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I have used both WinKey and Hot Key Plus for more than ten years. They haven't been updated. They still work on XP, but I don't think they do on the newer systems.

The programs let me set hotkey combinations that use the Windows key, Ctrl, Alt, and Shift, in any combination, with any other key, to launch a program, open a folder or file, or launch a Web URL.

My Windows key + w calls a shortcut to C:\Windows\explorer.exe, with the parameters /n,/e,C:\Windows\Temp. When I hit Winkey + w, a Windows Explorer window opens with the contents of Windows\Temp displayed.
My Windows key + p calls a shortcut to the executable for my daily planner/task scheduler program. When I hit Winkey + p, my planner opens.
I have a shortcut to my bank login. When I hit Winkey + F9, my default browser opens and goes to my bank login page.

I can use any combination of the operator keys (Ctrl, Winkey, etc.) and an alphabet key, number key, or function key.

I have not found versions of the Hot Key Plus or Winkey programs that are newer than 12 years old. Without programs like this, the Winkey is useless except for the few Windows-native hotkeys (Winkey + E for Explorer or Winkey + F for Search).

Is this an idea worth exploring?

Is it already possible to set hotkeys (of the user's choice) in TLB?
The hotkeys are working since the first TLB version. Also you can use the hotkeys with Win key. Just right-click any shortcut on TLB and select "Hot key..." menu item. Then press the hotkey you want and press OK.

With TLB you can use the hotkeys for menus also.
Thank you very much, Yuri. I should have known you had it covered.