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Full Version: Standalone TLB: how to put title on toolbar
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I do not see a way to put a title on a standalone toolbar and have it display. Please advise. It does not matter whether the box for "Hide toolbar title" is checked or not.
I thought the toolbar title is a waste feature Blush Standalone TLB does not support the title. For vertical toolbars the toolbar title can be emulated with separator with text. For horizontal toolbars, the title takes too many space. So you can combine the title with something useful - create menu or shortcut with text label only.

Also you can use the spacer plugin to create the title with image.
I do not understand any of your instructions here.
I would want the title to be text, not an image. How to do?
I figured out the Separator method. Works good.
The separator method works only for toolbars that are docked to the sides, not docked to the top or bottom.