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Full Version: Alter TLB Components Manager request
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Hi Yuri!

For a long time this was desired but never mentioned but would you consider adding plus sign '+' functionality to the left side of the major categories (Languages, Plugins & Media Control) in the "Check for updates" section so that the long lists may be collapsed and expanded at will? An example is the Languages section where all the languages are not necessary to see unless that part of the list is expanded by the '+' sign.

It would seem that the Languages section might be collapsed by default but the Plugins might be expanded by default and the Media Control section collapsed by default.

Better yet - a check box that would say "Expand All" for those who would like everything expanded but Languages and Media Control collapsed by default?

One last idea for this - by default all sections are collapsed except the sections where an update is available and that section would show both the current version and updated version available. Non-installed items would not be shown in the "Check for updates" section. The Installed updates section would still show what it currently does.

What do you and the other users think about this idea?

Thank you for considering this.