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Full Version: Scroll Wheel for Volume Control
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I would really appreciate it if the Volume Control plugin supported the scroll wheel, so i can adjust volume when I hover the mouse over it.

Volume Control supports the scrolling by mouse wheel. This works fine if the volume control is inside menu. But this not works if the volume control is on the toolbar. By default the mouse wheel scrolls only the active window, so you cannot to scroll something in other window.

This can be fixed with special drivers of 3-rd party software. I can recommend the Tordex Wheel. With Tordex Wheel you can scroll the window under the mouse cursor, no matter what window is active. And you can scroll the Volume Control.
Try this;
It's a tiny little freeware called Volume2, which does the job you mentioned very well.
You can change the volume on scroll-mouse-over-toolbar. It was designed for earlier versions of Windows (I think 7) but works well on 8 and 8.1 too.

Yuri I mentioned this freeware for you to explore for Volume Control plugin's upcoming versions.