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Full Version: 'Highlighting Strips' on Menu-ITEMS alongwith already implemented 'Font Color'
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Hi Yuri,

We can change the 'Font color' for a Menu-ITEM but i could not find any way to 'Highlight' a menu-ITEM by applying a highlighting-strip on it. But i could not find any way to do so. In my view - if the font color can be applied to a menu-Item (static / dynamic) - there should not be any problem in applying the 'highlighting strip' on it.

As we all know, in most of the cases - the visibility of highlighted items is much more than the items with different font colors.

Please see the attached image to see what i mean, It has 2 items with different font-colors and 3 items with highlighting-strips and in my view the visibility for highlighted-items seems more comfortable to find out / catch attention - for large menus, especially.

So could you please think over the possibility to add one more option for applying the 'highlighting strip' on a menu-Item, i hope that it is not a very delayed request for next release :-) (if not already implemented).
Basically you would like to request an option to select different highlight colours per item. Is this correct?
Actually what i thought was a Sub-set of "different highlight colours per item feature" , thinking that applying different "Background" color for each item might be a big task,
So i attached my request with the property of 'Text' written in the menu item and applying highlight to it in the similar way as 'font-color' is applied to it.
(may be i was wrong in thought-process as i'm a comparatively new user and not aware of implementation details)

But Yes, if we can have different highlight colours per item, i would consider it as a superset for my request - the above requirement would be fulfilled and even more can be achieved :-)
Very good. The difference is understood. Let us hope Yuri will say it would not be too difficult to do.
This is very old request and I've make a 90% work to release this feature, but stopped for an unknown (now) reason Blush

I'll add this feature into the next version. Thank you for requesting this feature.
Attached the screenshot with requested feature. Looks nice Smile
Quite a good show, Yuri! Astounding, actually.
Hopefully the suggestion here to allow the background to look like the following will be incorporated in the next version.
Superb Yuri

This will be really helpful especially in case of large-size menus

Now waiting for the next version . . . . (if any indication, when should be expect it to come out . . . . :-) )

Also please provide your views on this request ->
Is this feature still under development? Or is it subsumed by the recent addition of changing background color per item?
it is released.
I do not see how to use this new feature. It appears to be the same as the new background color function. How it is different? How do I find it?
Yes, it is a background color, but for single item. You can change the background color via right-click Appearance->Background Color (screenshot 39.png) or using the Buttons Properties (screenshot 40.png).
Please clarify. It seems that there is a "background color" feature but that there is not a "highlight color" feature. Is that right?
Yes, this is "background color". But I guess this is the same as "highlight color" looking on the first post.