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Full Version: CommandLine skinning question
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I am trying to make a skin for the command line that resembles the other buttons in the taskbar in windows 10 but i am not getting my desired result.

I have made 2 other skins for the command line in the past:

Windows 8
Windows 7 Aero

Here is what I am getting:
[Image: edmNnGE.png]

Here is something like what I want to accomplish.
[Image: IT15m6M.png]

Is this possible? is there a place that has details on creating a skin for the command line plugin?

I have been using true launch bar for a long time, and I really only use it for the command line, and sometimes adding a few other menus to the task bar. I was worried that it would not work on Windows 10 that I almost didn't upgrade. I was glad when it did work.

Thank you.
Make the background as on the second screenshot, with empty space between top line and edit area. Use sizingMargins to define the resize box and editMargins to define the edit control location. All margins are in format:
sizingMargins = left top right bottom

So your top margin will be a bit larger then bottom.