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Full Version: Mail Monitor: Minimalist window?
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I'm back to pester you again. Sorry.

I think most people use a mail checker/monitor just to find out that new messages are waiting for them. When they've seen the basic information about the new messages, they either click through to Web mail to read their messages, or they click through to their local mail client to read messages, or they delete any unwanted messages from the mail server.

I would like to have the option of opening the mail list in a minimalist window something like the attached image. If I could roll up the bottom of the mail list window to achieve this, that would be fine, or if I could have the option of opening the mail list to a minimalist window like the image , instead of to the full mail list window, that would be great.

Any chances of getting a much smaller display window for the Mail Monitor list window?

OK, I'll try to make this. Thank you for suggestion.
(10-13-2015, 12:34 PM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: [ -> ]OK, I'll try to make this. Thank you for suggestion.

And thank you for accepting it. I'll look forward to seeing the next version. Until then, I'll be very pleased with my MailMonitor the way it is -- right out of the box.
Any news on updating the Mail Monitor? I use it every day, all day, and I am glad to have it, so if you don't get around to making any changes (I've suggested a few), I won't complain. I was just wondering whether you're still planning to update it.