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Full Version: Folder Alphabetical Order of contents
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OK I'm tired of looking for the option to sort a folder in Alphabetical Order. I've created several folders in TLB and some contain a lot of applications and I'd like for them to appear in Alphabetical Order. I've not been successful in finding the HOW.
Right-click in folder(menu) select Arrange Icons By and click Name. Also you can turn on the auto arrange here and some other options.
That action rearranged the actual toolbar and for me this is really bad news. This is not what I'm looking for. On the toolbar I have a folder (actually several folders) that contains shortcuts to common tools. Currently the shortcuts in the folder(s) are not in alpha order. How do I get the folder contents sorted in alpha order?

I see in your image you have selected "Apply to Folders" but again when I select this option the toolbar is sorted.
Don't right-click the toolbar. Open menu and right-click inside the opened menu (you can right-click any menu item).